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Research at CCS focuses on three verticals: Education, Livelihood and Governance. We study the regulatory frameworks in these sectors, examine their on-ground implementation, document their impact on key stakeholders, and suggest ways forward. We also test pilot projects to understand how our interventions function. Our work aims to identify regulatory barriers that come in the way of free enterprise, voluntary exchange, individual choice, and institutional accountability. We adopt a variety of research methodologies including surveys, case studies, legal analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis, focus group discussions, and semi-structured interviews to build evidence and drive policy reform.

Our Wins
Ease of Operating Budget Private Schools in India By Prashant Narang and Tarini Sudhakar In a background paper submitted for UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report 2022, we explore the interface between the state and budget private schools with a focus on licensure, hiring of teachers, inspections, admissions, and grievance redressal.
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