Street Vendors
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Our work focuses on uplifting and protecting the life and livelihood of an integral part of the urban economy, street vendors. The urban poor are entrepreneurial and have an innate desire to rise out of poverty. Unfortunately, the economic and property rights of such workers are often at risk of abuse from authorities in absence of clear laws or bounds on state power. Nowhere is this challenge more magnified than in the case of urban street vendors. Street vending is a low cost enterprise and a primary source of livelihood for roughly 2.5% of India’s population. Along with being a source of employment for the urban poor, vending plays a central role in urban life—it supplies affordable and essential goods to the public.

Jeevika: Law, Liberty & Livelihood is an award winning effort aimed to promote individual livelihood freedom for street vendors. Besides being the noted recipient of the 2005 Templeton Award for market solutions to poverty, Jeevika has also played a pivotal role to advocate for street vendors rights making CCS a recognised member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

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