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#CuratedConversations | September-October 2022


Lakshmi Sampath Goyal and Prashant Narang from Centre for Civil Society were invited to speak at the Asia Liberty Forum 2022 in Manila, Philippines. This year, the theme was “Accelerate” - focusing on the worldwide freedom movement to shift into top gear.

Atlas Network’s annual Regional Liberty Forums bring together partners from the region to discuss challenges facing the region and barriers to individual freedom and prosperity.

Dr. Prashant Narang (Senior Fellow) spoke about the Atlantic Council Freedom and Prosperity Indexes Report 2021. The presentation entailed an overview of Asia's performance across the Freedom Index and its bearing on the Prosperity Index.

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Project Bolo English

Several newspapers across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (AP) featured Project Bolo English’s School Leaders’ Workshops organised on the 18th and 20th of September in AP and Telangana, respectively. The newspapers featured the significant milestones achieved by our project and recognised our efforts. For student engagement, we organised a Dussehra-Break Challenge for students across the country along with Activation Melas in schools to ramp up the app activations and encouraged the students to frequently use the mobile application.

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Science & Technology | Open Access in South Asia

Insights from the Open Access in South Asia session of PRISM (the science & technology policy dialogue series) were edited and published as a report. Open access experts shared their insights on differences in open access narratives in high income countries vs low & middle income countries, India’s ‘One Nation, One Subscription’ idea, potential for a unified power of South Asia, author rights, and the need for a national open access, among other key topics.

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Education, Leadership and Vision of Free India by Nani Palkhivala

Education, Leadership and Vision of Free India was originally published as a booklet by Forum of Free Enterprise in 1998. The booklet revisits two speeches by Nani Palkhivala – an acceptance speech delivered when he received the 1997 Dadabhai Naoroji Award and response speech delivered at the University of Mumbai’s Special Convocation for conferment of Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) in January, 1998. In both speeches, he discusses education and leaders of tomorrow. He writes, “When a republic comes to birth, it is the leaders who produce the institutions. Later it is the institutions which produce the leaders.” Nani Palkhivala was an Indian jurist, liberal economist, and among the greatest liberal thinkers of his time.

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समाज में शिक्षकों की भूमिका अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण है। भारतीय समाज में तो गुरु (शिक्षक) को ईश्वर से भी ऊपर का दर्जा प्राप्त है। शिक्षकों को उचित वेतन और मानदेय प्राप्त हो और उनका शोषण न हो यह हर कोई चाहता है। लेकिन अफसोस ये है कि देश में शिक्षकों का शोषण बदस्तूर जारी है। निजी और सरकारी स्कूलों के प्रदर्शन में अंतर का एक कारण निजी संस्थानों के पास मनमुताबिक हायर और फायर का अधिकार भी है। अब यदि सरकार कोर्ट के आदेश का कड़ाई से अनुपालन सुनिश्चित कराने लगे तो कितने स्कूलों की फीस बढ़ानी पड़ेगी, कितने शिक्षकों और कर्मचारियों की संख्या में कटौती करनी होगी, कितने स्कूल बंद होने को मजबूर होंगे इनकी बस कल्पना ही की जा सकती है।

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