Children are back to school! We witnessed a massive disruption in the school education space in these two years of the pandemic. There is a wider consensus about the learning loss, the increased role of technology in school education, and the urgent need for reimagining education in the post-pandemic world. Civil society organizations, policymakers, schools, teachers, and parents have been working relentlessly towards mitigating the loss and bringing excellence in education- an endeavour that was paused but not abandoned during the pandemic.

Navnirman Path to Choice and Excellence in Education
  • 23 Apr 2022
  • 11 AM to 4 PM IST
  • India Habitat Centre, Gulmohar Hall, 1st Floor, Gate No.3, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003

Navnirman: Path to Excellence in education is CCS’s effort to bring together educators and education enthusiasts to appreciate the efforts of key stakeholders, discuss the priorities ahead of us and plan for excellence in education in the years to come.

  • Lakshmi Sampath Goyal

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  • Dr. Lakshya Chhabaria

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  • Mamta Saikia

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