Policy Training

Policy Training, popularly known as the CCS Academy, offers certificate courses in public policy and liberal thought for students, professionals, journalists, and others. It also runs several outreach programs for a diverse audience. Our work is based on the conviction that persistent and widespread social problems have their root cause in public policies that either interfere with or fail to support the operation of individual, civil society, community and free market based solutions.

Our mission is to inspire future leaders and change agents to pursue the vision of a free society by championing a liberal approach to public policy.

Cities Reached
Alumni Engagement
Alumni Speaks

10,000+ Alumni are already trained by CCS

Our Experts
Dr Andrew Humphries

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Arizona State University

Dr JP Narayan

Founder Lok Satta Party & Foundation for Democratic Reforms. Ex-IAS and EX-MLA Governance, Telecom, Health, Economy.

Dr Lawrence H. White

Professor of Economics, George Mason University

Dr Liya Palagashvili

Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center, George Mason University

Past Projects