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At A Glance

Established in 2020, the Science & Technology (S&T) Policy vertical at the Centre for Civil Society is dedicated to driving transformative change in the field of science and technology through policy research, stakeholder engagement and outreach.


Our mission is to advance policy solutions that not only strengthen the science ecosystem but also inspire a spirit of scientific enquiry and innovation, empowering individuals to contribute and participate in the advancement of science and technology.


Improving Quality of Science, Technology, Innovation Policies
Stimulating Scientific Temperament
Facilitating Research & Innovation
Enhancing Inclusion in STEM
Advancing Open Science
Women in STEM
women in STEM
'Betiyan' - A Mentorship Program

The Centre for Civil Society’s ‘Bridging the Gap: Women in STEM’ initiative was launched to address sociocultural barriers and gender stereotypes that limit women’s participation in STEM. The initiative enables the participation of women in STEM education and careers—through policy dialogues, research, outreach, financial aid and mentorship. By engaging with stakeholders from diverse sectors, we hope to challenge stereotypes, promote positive role models, and build a more inclusive and supportive ecosystem for women in STEM.

Aid and mentorship
Dialogues and Events
PRISM: Science & Technology Policy Dialogue Series

Our policy dialogue series titled ‘PRISM’ depicts the power of collective intelligence by bringing together views from diverse stakeholder groups, both within and beyond the S&T ecosystem. In addition to anticipating contemporary developmental challenges, this dialogue hopes to provide fresh insights on science and technology policy concerns.

Advisory Board
Sanjay Sarma
Vice President for Open Learning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor Swaminathan Sivaram
Former Director, National Chemical Laboratory
Thomas Barlow
Adviser on knowledge investment, research policy and analytics
Venkatesh ‘Venky’ Narayanamurti
Former Dean, Physical Sciences, Harvard University