The Budget Private School (BPS) Report is Centre for Civil Society's annual research initiative aimed at emphasising the crucial role budget private schools play in disseminating quality education at the grassroot-level, as well as documenting the various models of excellence that emerge from them.

BPS Report 2018, titled "Faces Behind Budget Private Schools in India", features 50 interviews of principals, parents and students from Delhi, Bengaluru, Punjab, Haryana, Chennai, Coimbatore, Odisha, Telangana, Ahmedabad, Nagaland, Assam, and Kerala.

Through its three sections, the report breaks down the reach and diversity of BPS schools. Showcasing emerging BPS models of excellence, the report highlights how micro-innovations in schools need a larger collective voice. While underlining the existing benchmark performance data, the report brings to light the innovations and suggestions to improve quality through a change in outlook on curriculum, teacher competence, assessment, and school transformation. The report also opens up the dialogue on looking beyond the curriculum and focus on areas like health and creative growth.

Along with the entire report, each section can be downloaded and shared individually.