Internship Papers 2020
Internship Papers 2020

Researching Reality is an annual six-week internship program that offers intensive training in policy-relevant research to undergraduate and graduate students of various disciplines. In the course of the internship, the interns frame a research question, analyse the data collected through primary and secondary sources, and author a research paper.

While research-guides steer their projects and train them, various experts, academics and practitioners working in the field of public policy provide their knowledge and insights. One of the country's premier research internship program, 2020 marks the twentieth edition of Researching Reality.



Researching Reality is a full-time six-week intensive internship

To be considered for the internship program, a candidate must satisfy one of the following;

  • Current student enrolled in an undergraduate/ postgraduate course in any academic or professional discipline
  • Graduates / Researchers
  • International Baccalaureate / Cambridge International Students enrolled in the Diploma program or A Levels

A candidate must demonstrate;

    1.  Interest in the public policy domain
    2. Inquisitive and adept with basic research skills - data collection, inference and analysis
    3. Be open to fun, open and respectable environment
    4. Be a team player, have strong analytical skills and ability to meet deadlines

The Internship is open to both Domestic and International applicants. We offer assistance for visa applications in 'Volunteer Category' for International Students

There is no registration fee to apply for the program.

There is no stipend paid to Interns for the duration. However, reimbursements approved on actuals by the requisite guide/ coordinator for the purpose of research are provided. Interns are requested to make their own living arrangements in New Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What facilities will be available to me?

    You will receive access to our extensive library and network of scholars.

  • Does CCS provide accommodation for outstation applicants?

    The scholars are requested to make their own living arrangements in New Delhi for the training period.

  • Will I be working in a group or individually?

    All scholars will work in groups of 3-4 members. Peer learning is a crucial part of the training program.

  • Is CCS flexible with the timeline of the program?

    While April and May are self paced and flexible, June and July are full-time in Delhi. We are unable to offer flexibility during those two months. August would focus on wrapping up the capstone project; it would be remote and part-time.