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#CuratedConversations | June 2023


The Policy Training & Outreach Department of the Centre for Civil Society is delighted to announce its partnership with La Politique - the Research Cell of the Political Science Department of Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. Centre of Civil Society will be engaging in policy training and research projects in collaboration with the students of Political Science to enhance active stakeholder engagement in policy making.




Legal Win for Street Vendors

Street Vendors Sanjay Mishra and Anil Bhagat the indomitable spirit of determination and resilience. Their extraordinary journeys supported by the Jeevika App, showcase the power of standing up for one’s rights. With unwavering tenacity, Sanjay sought legal aid support from Jeevika App and challenged his hefty fine, reducing it from Rs. 4000 to a mere Rs. 200. Meanwhile, Anil used the app to connect with the Jeevika Team, who provided invaluable support in his battle against unjust eviction. These triumphant street vendors have not only reclaimed their businesses but have also set a precedent for improved regulations and fair treatment.

Policy Training


Blue Curriculum for a Sustainable Future

The South Asian region heavily depends on the Bay of Bengal for its livelihood and needs to be viewed as a critical resource. Centre for Civil Society, in collaboration with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation South Asia, plans to delve into the South Asian region and provide a sustainable approach to the constant negligence of our blue bodies. Our study will formulate a blue curriculum for elementary-level students highlighting the urgent need for a sustainable system to ensure the preservation and responsible use of marine ecosystems, safeguarding both environmental integrity and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

Policy Training


Gender Sensitization and Sexual Health Awareness

Given the need to enhance the understanding of adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health, we have introduced a Gender Sensitization and Sexual Health Project to develop a rights-based & holistic Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) for students and budget private school teachers through customised online modules. We will also facilitate sessions for adolescents to initiate a sense of self-awareness, and empower them with social skills to help build positive relationships.

Science & Technology


Spirit of Inquiry and Scientific Temperament | Video Submission

We invite your video submissions to celebrate the spirit of scientific inquiry in various walks of life. Share your thoughts on 'scientific temper' or 'scientific curiosity' and how you associate with it in your career or daily life. Your contribution shall advance our collective understanding and help shape policy solutions that foster scientific enquiry and research.

Indian Liberals


Swatantra Party: 64th Foundation Year

To commemorate the 64th Foundation Day (04 June) of the now defunct- Swatantra Party, we shared the collective publication effort of C Rajagopalachari (Founder), N G Ranga (President), K M Munshi (Vice-President) & Minoo R Masani (General Secretary) as they answer: Why Swatantra?

Spontaneous Order


The Siren Call of Welfare Politics: A Bad Political Equilibrium

In our latest Spontaneous Order feature, Vibhu Vikramaditya writes about how welfare politics hamper the country's long-term economic development in the long term, citing examples from various political parties and a case study of subsidies to Punjab’s farmers.


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